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Sea Kayak Podcasts .com

Interviews with the world's most interesting kayakers - currently this podcast is taking a break

Oct 22, 2012

Duncan Winning OBE - part two of a podcasts with the Godfather of Scottish sea kayaking. From the archive at

Oct 21, 2012

Turner Wilson - Greenland style paddler who teaches and runs kayak building workshops around the world. From the archive at

Oct 20, 2012

Gordon Brown - guru, guide and good friend, this controversial podcast ruffled feathers when first released with his best selling book in 2006.  From the archive at

Oct 19, 2012

Doug Cooper - A destination guide to the best sea kayaking in Scotland by the co-author of the first guidebook. From the archive at

Oct 18, 2012

Justin Grant - sea eagle expert Jusitin reveals the secrets of this magnificent bird of prey. From the archive at