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Sea Kayak Podcasts .com

Interviews with the world's most interesting kayakers - currently this podcast is taking a break

Dec 10, 2012

NEW VIDEO Howard Jeffs - video podcast with the creator of an ingeniously simple new navigation aid for sea kayakers which bridges the gap between chart table work and kayak cockpit

Dec 1, 2012

NEW Rowland Woollven - The first person to kayak around Britain using a Greenland paddle, and it took him quite a few years. Bonus photos in App version. The third of three podcasts about circumnavigations of Britain completed in 2012.

Nov 14, 2012

NEW - Michal and Natalie Maderova - With just 3 years experience this couple kayaked around Britain. The second of three circumnavigation podcasts.  Bonus video material in the APP version

Nov 1, 2012

NEW - Joe Leach - the 24 year old who set a new 67 day record for circumnavigating the British mainland in 2012. The first of three circumnavigation podcasts, with the next released on 15th November.  Bonus material of Joe's photos only in the APP...

Oct 22, 2012

Duncan Winning OBE - part two of a podcasts with the Godfather of Scottish sea kayaking. From the archive at